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We specialise in local Social Media Marketing and help you generate brand awareness using social media.

Social Media Marketing

There’s a whole new world out there with social media, which means a whole new world of advertising and engagement opportunities to use with brands and businesses.
Our team of social media marketing and digital specialists have years of experience implementing carefully created bespoke campaigns, strategies and adverts across all types of social media, to provide a valuable return for investment for our clients, including increased traffic and sales, better engagement and customer retention and broader brand awareness.

UMKYSEO social media marketing agency Birmingham promises to make the complex world of social media, simple to understand and beneficial for your business.


Develop a connection with your followers and nurture your relationship .

Target Your Audience

WIth our paid advertising team we can help you zone in on your ideal audience to help you grow.

Audience Data

Monitor and gain insights about your community that will help you grow your brand.

Why Use Social

In short, if your business is online, your business should be on social media too. In recent years, independent websites and social media platforms have become intrinsically linked. Many internet users turn to social media for their shopping needs, whether that’s products or services, locally, nationally or internationally. Social media can also be an incredibly valuable advertising tool for your business, as well as promote a community feel within your existing customer base.

You can collect customer feedback from purchases, new products and your service, allow fans to talk to each other and their own networks to big you up, and advertise to a brand new audience, all in one place.

Know Your Followers

From asking their followers for recommendations, to searching social media for businesses, social media is now an integral part of the online world for businesses. Tagging a business makes life easier for users, so you need to be on social media for the consumer convenience as well as for the multitude of other benefits social media has to offer businesses.

Ideal Audidence

Social media should be linked to your existing website too, as many users will refer to social media to garner whether they can trust you based on your social media management, engagement and customer feedback.

Directly Target Similar Social Audience

You can also utilise paid-for advertising in social media, to promote newly launched products to a audience who is interested in your products, target a new demographic, and increase brand awareness, much like you would with search engines, but with social media instead.


Although social media itself is a free tool, available to everyone with internet access, that doesn’t mean everyone knows how to use it, particularly to drive your business towards its goals. This is particularly important if you are working with a smaller marketing budget, where every penny counts.

You want and deserve a good ROI when it comes to social media marketing, and utilizing a social media marketing agency Birmingham can be the difference between an effective strategy that sees results in a matter of days and weeks, and seeing no return at all.

Social Media Marketing Services for Local Businesses

Outsourcing to our social media marketing agency Birmingham, means applying our many years of technical and creative expertise in social media to your business, without you needing to learn the ins and outs yourself.

Social media can also be time consuming, particularly when trying to drive organic and relevant followers to you, keeping up with customer engagement and coming up with new social media strategies that will beat your competition and help you achieve your business objectives. There’s a reason so many people are now full time social media influencers. It can be a full time job, with all the rewards, but also all of the time.

Outsourcing to our social media marketing agency Birmingham comes with many benefits, alongside our expertise, and we’ll work with you continuously to improve your online presence and create social media campaigns that bring results.


Social Media Strategy

Our strategy meetings and plans will help to keep you informed of our plans, outlining our approach and techniques so you know what is happening, where and why, across your social media platforms. We can advise of the best blends of social media platforms that will work together seamlessly to create a social media strategy that will have a big impact on your business and your bottom line.

What works for one business, might not work for another, so we’ll complete a full digital audit tailored to you, so we can best advise and implement a social media strategy that will give you results and hit the widest, most relevant audience.

Social Media Management

Managing social media can be a full time, and more, job. Often it feels like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done, and without good focus and dedication, social media marketing can fall to the wayside, or become entirely ineffective. Our social media management service means we can take this task from you, so you can focus on building your product and service, or concentrate on your excellent customer service that will bring back customers time and time again.

Social Media Ads

One of the more trickier sides of social media is how to use it for advertising. Social Media Advertising can be incredibly impactful with huge returns on investment, but you really have to use it to the best of its ability with a good understanding of each platform's algorithms and preferences for business.

Social Media Training

You may decide that you want to take on your social media channels yourself, especially for day to day running, but lack the confidence and knowledge to make it effective. Our social media training gives you the know how to run your social media channels confidently and with value.

Go Viral

Our social media advertising service takes away the stress of analysing social media patterns as our expert team already know-how best to utilise social media for advertising.

go viral

Why let us manage your social media channels?

We simply have the social media know-how to make your social media channels be a reflection of you and your business, whilst driving traffic to your website.

Our team of professional social media marketers are dedicated to presenting your business as if it were their own, and they are truly passionate about social media marketing and its power with online business.

We are also constantly updating our social media marketing knowledge, watching key trends and patterns and dissecting the social media marketplace so we have a thorough understanding of all aspects of social media marketing that we can implement to your channels.

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