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We specialise in digital marketing strategies and help you generate leads in your area. Let our digital marketing experts help you find new customers.

Be Local Be Found

At our digital agency Birmingham, we have a passion for local businesses and making them the very best to be found online. As locals ourselves we want to shout about fellow birmingham businesses and keep local businesses trading.

 We also know that it’s a competitive market out there, even on a local basis, so we want to help you stand out from the online crowd and be the best in the business, easily found by your customers, and ensure you retain them for years to come.

What we do

At UMKYSEO, we cover all aspects of digital marketing and services including SEO, eCommerce services and social media management. We know that as a business owner, your priority is to your own product or service, and making it the very best it can be for your customers.

Our business is just that too. We ensure we provide the very best in local digital marketing to get your business prospering, whether you’re brand new to your industry or been a part of the business world for years.

We enable your business to be more visible in the online world, through a mix of marketing and digital tools tailored to your individual needs. More visibility means more potential customers and more potential sales.


We like simple. Simple doesn’t mean bad. It means smooth, uncomplicated, easily understood. That’s how we run our digital agency birmingham.

We aim to keep our marketing and digital services minimal and simple to understand so you know how you’re investing and what you can expect from us and the tools we implement.


 Simplicity doesn’t mean we don’t do all sing all dancing tech. Sometimes the smallest of tweaks can have a huge impact, especially in the online world. A user-friendly, simple and dynamic web design can be the difference between a sale and a bounce.

We want to make your business marketing simple. At least from a technology and digital standpoint. If your thing really isn’t social media marketing, then we can take care of it for you, meaning you can focus on the parts of business that lets your passion and enjoyment flow.



Digital Marketing Experts

Our professional team of SEO specialists, web designers, and digital marketing experts have huge experience across the digital world, working with businesses from all industries to create a cohesive and expert digital marketing package tailored to the individual needs of each business and website.

As a local company to Birmingham ourselves we really know the importance of local SEO and how competitive the digital world is, particularly on a local level.

Our expertise in local SEO means we can increase your organic search and direct real, community based customers to you and your products or services. It’s great to come up in nationwide searches, but local is where your business will thrive.

This also applies to our social media marketing where we will direct our campaigns to the right people, meaning you get the ROI you deserve and can create a local community of loyal followers and customers.

Our Services


Let us help you rank higher on Google and other serach engines.

Website Design

Engage your users with interactive web design.

Social Marketing

Connect with your customers through your social media

Amazon PPC Management

Get your product infront buyers faster with Amazon PPC.

Amazon Markteing

We can design amazing Amazon storefronts and listings.

Amazon SEO

Let us help you rank organically on Amazon.

Tailored Digital Marketing Campaigns

All our marketing and digital services are tailored to your needs and the needs of your business. We work with you to implement strategies that will benefit you both short and long term and have you achieving your business goals straight away. No business is the same, and neither are our services. We build our service around you.

Whether you need a digital marketing plan with social media management to get your business off the ground, or just need a little help promoting your new products to a wider audience, we have the skills and the expertise to realise your business potential and bring in customers.

Our services are fully quoted after your consultation, and can be adjusted as and when you need them, dependent on your changing business needs. A great campaign can completely change the direction of a business, so our services reflect the changeability of the internet too.


Our Digital Agency Birmingham is proud to represent and aid local Birmingham businesses. We want your business to succeed. We want you to out do your previous performance and have a business and online presence that reflects your passion, personality and drive. Our aim is to take away the stressful digital marketing elements and streamline your working day and online world.

As a local Birmingham digital agency, we strongly feel a duty to care for all the businesses around us, to help them grow and become the very best they can be. We can promise fast and effective results, as well as aid you to achieve your goals, both long and short term.

Contact us today to discuss your needs with one of our experienced and trusted team members. No job is too small or too big so put your digital trust in us, and we’ll help your online business thrive to its full potential.

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